I had a fairly major abdominal pull from playing tennis. I had tried laying off tennis for several weeks and increasing my core exercising. Nothing seemed to help it and it would just keep coming back. I started working with Emily over FaceTime and she introduced me to Yamuna. I was certainly skeptical at first but needed to do something as nothing else was working. Within a week my abdominal felt better and I was able to resume my 4-5 days a week of tennis without any pain. I had no idea how all the muscles in your feet, legs and abdominal were related. The foot wakers and balls for rolling I bought from Emily allow you to work your entire body.   I would recommend this to anyone, even if you aren't suffering an injury. It is now an integral part of my work out routine. Emily is passionate and great to work with. She makes it fun and also truly teaches you. Thank you- David D. 

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 16 years old. Over a year ago I had a flare up so bad I couldn’t walk. I went to several doctors and nothing was working. Months went by and I wasn’t improving. I change my diet and started Yoga; I didn’t improve as much as I’d hoped. In March I won a session with Emily, I had no idea what Yamuna body rolling was. Emily came to my home, and worked personally with me and my illness. She made sure I was comfortable, working at my own pace, and she gave me great tips throughout the whole session. When we rolled one whole side of my body, I sat up and noticed one leg was significantly longer than the other. After the session, I felt so good. The next day I felt even better, I knew it would be something that would help me. I held off for a while for financial reasons, in May I finally bought myself a set and I have been rolling almost every day since. I have seen a HUGE difference in my body, flexibility, and stress. I am so grateful for Emily’s help and knowledge.-Mandi R.

This was a very relaxing activity that made me feel so much better. It was like a combination of yoga and massage, because the pressure of the balls feels like a massage. Emily is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. I highly recommend this for stretching, lymph drainage, and just feeling good!-Anna D.

I loved my session with Emily! I learned many new ways to roll my upper body especially my deltoids, traps and chest that you just can't do with traditional foam rolling!-Shawn F.

I am a serious runner. For the first time in 3 years I was able to run Tough Mudder without sever knee pain!.. I can't say enough about how wonderful Emily and her sessions have been! In just 2 months she helped my body correct it's issues naturally. And for that, I thank you!

Kimberly G.

One of my best friends suggested that I try Yamuna Body Rolling to help relieve some of my arthritis pain.  She had recently taken a class from Emily Stein and it had relieved some sciatic pain that she was experiencing.  Emily came to my house and gave me a private beginners lesson.  It was great!  I felt like I had had a deep tissue massage.  After several months of body rolling it amazes me how much better I feel and look.  Emily is knowledgeable  in  Yamuna and is an excellent trainer.

Jane S.

I first came to Emily with chronic shoulder pain in my right shoulder. I had tried physical therapy for many years but it never helped the chronic inflammation and tendinitis I had. Finally after being introduced to Yamuna body rolling and Emily's one on one sessions assisting me with it , I was able to feel a release in my shoulder. Emily showed and assisted me in where to place the ball and how to release the tight tissues and muscles I had along my right side body, chest, back, spine, and shoulders. I released tension in muscles I didn't know we're tight. I broke through tight tissue to lengthen my entire body.Through rolling Emily taught me to be aware and feel how the whole body is interconnected. By releasing tension in other places in the body, the tension in my shoulder went away. The breathing techniques she used made me feel relaxed, helped me to use breath to release tightness and pain.

 Emily taught me all the techniques and rolling routines I needed to know in order to continue a home program. I now feel 3 inches taller from rolling three times a week, my posture has improved tremendously, my flexibility has improved and my awareness of tension in the body has allowed me to reduce the chance of injury. Body rolling is an intense but relaxing form of movement.

 I have finally found something to release the tension in my body better than a personal massage and better than foam rolling or rolling on a tennis ball. Emily is great , she takes a genuine interest in her clients to help them reach their goals. Emily is great with her hands and can help you with any concern you have - tightness, pain, flexibly, tension release.

Paige W.


I have been playing competitive tennis my entire life.  There are periods of time when I play several hours every day of the week.  For the most part I have been fortunate to remain free of injuries.  However as I reached my mid-fifties I started to experience pain and tightness in my ankles.  The discomfort was so severe that I thought I may need to stop paying tennis.  My pain caused me to seek help from an orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist, physical therapist and athletic trainer.  None of these professional were able to offer me the relief I needed to continue playing tennis.

My wife told me about a local practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling.  During my first appointment the instructor showed me how to use the balls to evaluate and relieve the tightness in the areas in my body that were contributing to my ankle pain.  I worked with the balls at the studio and I purchased the Yamuna balls so I could continue at home.  While I experienced some relief right away it took several months of rolling 4 to 5 times a week to make my ankles feel loose and stop hurting.  I can play tennis again without the pain and discomfort I had before I began rolling.

If I continue to do body rolling my ankles feel good.  If I stop the rolling my ankle discomfort returns.  It is amazing how these simple exercises help so much.  Yamuna Body Rolling is what allows me to play tennis again.

Michael S.

I was introduced to Yamuna Body Rolling by a close friend.  At the time I was experiencing some problems due to a dropped bladder.  My OBGYN recommended that I consider surgery for an anatomical correction.  I was reluctant to have surgery.

 Once introduced to body rolling I immediately noticed positive results.   Yamuna Body Rolling showed where my problem originated and gave me toolsto self-correct. I never had surgery but I have been able to alleviate the discomfort through body rolling.

In addition body rolling helped me with a shoulder injury from falling off a bicycle.  Where physical therapy was not as effective as I expected, body rolling was.  I learned a series of exercises that allows me to strengthen my upper body, chest and shoulders.  The best thing about body rolling is that it allows me to self-massage areas of my body that feel tight or where I experience pain.  I just learn the routines (there are many) and roll as often as I can.  It is the best!