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Yamuna Body Rolling Lecture at Your Life Spa

  • Your Life Spa 9657 Bay Pines Boulevard Saint Petersburg, FL, 33708 United States (map)



Do You Suffer from:

·      Back Pain

·      Sciatica

·      Arthritis

·      Shoulder/Neck Pain

·      Knee Pain

·      Foot Problems including Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis

·      General Body Stress

·      Carpel Tunnel


Body Rolling is a unique fitness system combining deep tissue massage and body alignment.  Body Rolling lengthens strengthens and aligns the body into a more neutral state. YBR uses different size balls, one’s body weight and pre-determined rolling regimens. Rolling will improve posture, range of motion, body alignment, flexibility, organ function, restrictions from injuries and balance while strengthening the core.

 About Emily:

Emily Stein is a Body Rolling and foot fitness practitioner. Emily helps people who need and want to improve their movement. Body Rolling helps with reducing pain, tightness and tension in the body. In the course of everyday life, we all experience tightness at one time or another as a result of accidents, injuries, stress and daily physical activities.  Emily will help you create more space in your joints. You will be amazed by the immediate results. Emily also offers a unique form of stretching called Active Isolated Stretching (AI). AIS can be used in conjunction with Body Rolling. AIS is effective in stretching and activating specific muscles and muscle groups. Each time you move the muscle at an angle you lengthen and stretch out the muscle. Loosen your muscles with Body Rolling techniques and lengthen the muscle and hold the stretch with AIS. Body Rolling and AIS are effective in reducing back pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder/neck pain, knee pain, flat feet and plantar fasciitis, and general body stress. People of all ages can benefit from Body Rolling.  Emily is a mobile practitioner and works throughout the Tampa Bay area. She offers individual sessions and workshops. 

You can contact Emily via her website at