Experiencing lower back discomfort/pain is not pleasant.  Often this pain in the lower back comes from having tight hips. Some people refer to this condition as piriformis syndrome while others call it sciatica.  

The piriformis is a small muscle located in the buttock, behind the glute muscle.  The piriformis is responsible for outward movement of the hip, upper leg and foot from the body. The sciatic nerve passes through the piriformis on its route to the back of the leg.


Often people experience tightness in their hamstrings, or tight hips and this can also lead to symptoms of piriformis syndrome.  When you are able to loosen up and stretch the muscles of your hips you are less likely to experience lower back pain.

There are some wonderful exercises and stretches to reduce and relieve piriformis syndrome as well as sciatica. I teach these exercise routines with Yamuna®Body Rolling and Active Isolated Stretching.

Using the black balls work down the thighs from the sitz bones (first photo) to each side of the knee to the insertions of the 3 hamstrings muscles. ( In case you did not know we have 3 hamstring muscles.)

A majority of tightness or discomfort in your low back or hips can be reduced or relieved when you perform Body Rolling and Active Isolated Stretching exercises that directly target the piriformis and the SI joint. (SI Joint is adjacent to the piriformis) 

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