The Slow Down Effect

We sometimes go through life without thinking about what we are doing or living in the moment.  We get caught up in things because life gets very busy. If we just take some time to slow down in life or just throughout out the day, I think we would feel much more relaxed. People tell me that they don’t have enough time for themselves. Putting ourselves and our health first is quite important. It can’t be that difficult to take 10-30 minutes a day of personal care. I call this the slow-down effect.  When we slow down while driving, eating or other activities we can enjoy the moment. I have the tools to help me slow down, including yoga, meditation and body rolling and other forms of exercise.  They allow you to stay in tune with your body and give you the opportunity to give your body some love. It takes 5 minutes of rolling up the center of your spine to relax your whole central nervous system.

How can we really enjoy life if we are always go, go, go? However our bodies do need time to rest and relax or else we are more likely to crash. I didn’t say that it is easy to slow down and stay present.  It can be done if you try. As we get older, we have jobs and careers that require a great deal of us, which makes it a little challenging to find time to relax. I have observed other European countries, compared to the U.S and they don’t seem to have such a go, go, go style of living. In my travels in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean I noticed that people take the time to enjoy the little things in live and they seem to happier and more content. It is true that everyone has some kind of daily routine that they like to follow, because it leaves you feeling balanced.  There is no reason that people can’t include some kind of relaxation for themselves throughout the day. Give Body Rolling and self-care a try. Your body will thank you for it!

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