We All Need to Stretch. You ask Why?

Years ago, while in college I taught a mini stretching class for kids at Los Pipitos (an organization that helps kids/adults with mental and physical disabilities) during an internship program in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua.  The kids really enjoyed it and the adults caught on as well. The kids were able to relax and have fun and enjoy themselves.

The tighter and more restricted our body is the more likely we have a chance for injury. We are told to stretch before and after exercising however we are not told that stretching should be a part of everyday life.


  • promotes relaxing and reduced stress

  •  helps to prevent injuries

  • increases range of motion

  •  keeps the body aligned in its natural state

  •  helps with balance and core strength

People of all ages should participate in some kind of stretching activity like Body Rolling.  The important part is just to get up and move throughout the day! While your back, your hips and legs need to be stretched so do your feet. Body Rolling has a wonderful tool for stretching the feet called Foot Wakers.  There are several exercises that help to “wake up” different parts of the feet creating balance, strength, flexibility and movement from the heel to the ball of the foot and toes. Remember head, shoulders, knees and toes from when we were a kid. Well, all body parts need to be stretched so we can prevent aches and pains as we get older! Come stretch with me!

Below is a simple stretching exercise that you can do every day to relax and de-stress.

Rolling up the center of the Spine:

Start Seated with the ball at the base of your spine. Hold the ball so it does not slip out. Inhale and Exhale and focus on your abdominal muscles from your back to the ball and press your back against the ball. Moving ever so slowly, roll the ball up the center of the spine. When the ball reaches your upper back hold your head with your hands.  Then lower your shoulders to the ground and find the ball under your neck. Relax here and enjoy!

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