Why Do We Need Healthy Feet?

Feet are the foundation of support for our body. Yet we have little to no information or education on how to take care of our feet! Look no further than Yamuna Foot Fitness!

Yamuna Foot Fitness is a revolutionary and unique form of therapy for taking care of many foot related issues. 

Yamuna Foot Fitness is a program that promotes flexibility and strength in the feet. We use several exercises that help to “wake up” different parts of the feet creating balance, strength, flexibility and movement.

Many people experience issues with their feet from activity or just standing on their feet every day. A common foot problem is plantar fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis occurs where the tendons of the muscles coming from the posterior calf (the ones that flex the toes) wrap under the side of the heel. Instead of stretching out from the heel toward the toes, these tight tendons pull from the toes in toward the heel.

Since there is no movement, the fascia begins to adhere to these tendons and the whole mass of tissue gets stuck together at the point right in front of the heel. The result is inflammation and pain.

One of our tools, Yamuna Foot Waker’s, are the inflated half balls, shown in the picture below.

Foot Waker’s help to increase flexibility, range of motion, and alignment in the foot. The results are dramatic even after one session. Yamuna created a simple and effective exercise to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. 

Build Healthy and Functional Feet with Yamuna Foot Fitness. Photo Credit: @VueTherapy

Build Healthy and Functional Feet with Yamuna Foot Fitness. Photo Credit: @VueTherapy

When we take care of our feet, we take care of our entire body! For more information and to schedule a Yamuna Body Rolling session contact Emily today!

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