Why Stretching and Flexibility Are Important?


Flexibility Training is vital for numerous reasons.  Flexibility Training includes Range of Motion and Stretching. Having good Range of Motion is very important because it helps you to move through daily activities with ease. When there is separation between joints and bone your body moves more freely.  Stretching is the vehicle to gain Flexibility and Range of Motion.

Sometimes ours bodies become injured by accident, as a result of surgical healing, or simply from athletics. Tightness can just be the result of aging. The more flexible your body is the less likely you are to get injured. Having more space in your body, where joints are not grinding together is optimal. When joints grind together or become bone on bone we are more likely to get injured. In order for your body to function correctly, with little or no pain in your back and joints throughout the body, the muscles and tendons must have a minimal Range of Motion and lack of tension during rest. 

I incorporate Flexibility and Mobility Training with all my clients. I help to get impact out of the bone with Yamuna® Body Rolling and lengthen the muscles with Active Isolated Stretching.

Yamuna® Body Rolling, unlike foam roller exercises, goes far beyond random movement and stretch. YBR uses 6-10” inflatable balls to act like a massage therapist’s hands. It strategically provides traction to iron out tension and pain in areas such as your back, legs, hips, shoulders, and neck. YBR uniquely liberates your body, prevents injury, and slows the aging process of your joints and structure. With just a few minutes of pro-active work, you can avoid all the old-age restrictions that so many people have.

Active Isolated Stretching is different from other forms of stretching because we actively isolate the muscle and only hold the stretch for 2 seconds. This strategy is referred to as Dynamic Stretching.   Through a series of 10-12 stretches we slowly and gradually improve range motion, improve flexibility, ultimately preventing injuries and increasing circulation and blood flow in the body.

Your tightness and/or pain will decrease with these innovative therapeutic programs.  Your golf, tennis or other athletic program will improve when your range of motion increases.

I work with individuals of all ages, active seniors, those recovering from injuries, people experiencing chronic pain, athletes and new and expectant mothers.

I maintain a private health and fitness training practice in the Tampa Bay area. I help people who want and need to improve their movement.

“I care about your health!” – Emily Stein

 If you have neuromuscular pain, stress, back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, or any number of other body ailments, we can help you. If you have a specific question about your condition and whether we can help your condition, reach us a call at 239-253-3612 or email us via our website www.rollforfitness.com.