How I introduced my yogi loving friend to Body Rolling

I would say about two years ago I was introduced to Body Rolling, when I was thinking about becoming a yoga instructor. I have been practicing yoga for several years and Body Rolling has really changed and improved my practice. It has helped me to go deeper into poses and relax as well. My friend was visiting from out of town and I invited her to a body rolling workshop. I was teaching at Peace of Yoga in St. Petersburg, Florida. My friend was feeling rather crappy and was having some tension headaches which I presumed were related to stress. She agreed to come along with me, after I told her the benefits of body rolling, a few of them being; releasing tension throughout the body and calming the nervous system thus leading to a calmer, less stressed body, and a relaxed state of mind. Little to be known, at the end of class, her headache was completely gone and she was feeling much better. She said her mind felt clearer, her entire body more relaxed. She relieved tension in places she didn’t know were tight.  Rolling the ball into these different areas, pressing your body weight into the ball until you feel a release (similar to a massage), and stimulating the nervous system at the same time, are all components of Body Rolling.  The slow pace of the class allows you to slow your pace of life; all contributing to why body rolling helps with relaxation and stress release. She fell in love instantly after the class. She bought the balls and we do Skype sessions together so I can teach her new routines.

Body Rolling has now become part of her weekly practice in addition to doing yoga. It really helps her to relax and de-stress and has loosened up some of the tension she feels in her shoulders. Similar to yoga, body rolling can be done anywhere and can be incorporated into your yoga practice, assisting as a prop and allowing you to go deeper into poses. Yes, you can do pigeon pose with a body rolling ball.  It really loosens up your IT band!


That's just an added benefit. What makes it improve your yoga practice is that, you're able to loosen up any stiffness or tension in the muscle, enabling you to go deeper into a pose. Everyone wants to be flexible and injury free! Now you can do both with Body Rolling and yoga. 

Yamuna Body Rolling was in fact created by a yoga devotee who saw that her students weren't getting as much out of their practice, so she created Body Rolling and her students practice improved. She wanted them to have something they could do outside of their practice and body rolling was the result. When you loosen up the tension in your hips you can sit Indian style much easier, which makes your yoga practice that much more fun! Just taking 10 minutes to roll up the center of your spine when waking up or going to bed will make you feel so much better. This therapeutic fitness approach uses special 4-10” inflatable Yamuna® balls and one’s own body weight to free restrictions re-align muscles and bones and relieve stress and tension! Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a fresh approach to opening and strengthening your body. YBR will correct your body alignment and free its energy, all while giving you a complete workout. Increase your core strength, improve flexibility and your yoga practice will thrive! Body Rolling makes your yoga practice so much better; you just have to give it a try.

“I care about your health!” – Emily Stein

Lookout for upcoming workshops at Kapok Pilates and Peace of Yoga.

 If you have neuromuscular pain, stress, back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, or any number of other conditions, we can help you.  If you have a specific question about your condition and whether Body Rolling can help your condition, or are interested purchasing the body rolling balls for yourself give us a call at 239-253-3612 or email us via our website