Since early childhood I have always had lots of energy. My mother enrolled me in dance class at 5 years old and body movement became an integral part of my life. I danced and participated on my high school swimming and cross country teams. During high school I was introduced to yoga. I instantly became hooked as I found Yoga a great way to rewind, relax, and release the stress of athletic training. Upon graduating from college I became interested in alternative health and healing. While pursuing greater knowledge of health I discovered Yamuna Body Rolling. Walking out of my first Yamuna Body Rolling class I felt like I had a full body massage. 

You might be curious as to what Body Rolling is all about. Yamuna Body Rolling was founded by Yamuna Zake, a longtime Yoga teacher and Healer. Yamuna developed her system of using balls from years as a Yoga instructor and years of research of physiology, anatomy and mechanics of the body on and off her yoga mat. Yamuna is a visionary, a body work guru whose passion and knowledge is inspiring. I am excited to guide you using Body Rolling, towards a path of living a life with ease and without pain!

The great thing about Body Rolling is that you can roll before or after any exercise or activity. When you feel tension or tightness in the body-get on your ball.  You can roll away stress, tension, while keeping yourself feeling more balanced. After a difficult day at work try rolling out your shoulders – your stress will melt away!

The fundamental principle of body rolling is creating space. Every part of your body needs its proper space to function properly. Lack of space manifests as muscle tightness or stiffness. Almost everyone has muscles in their body that they don't use as much as others an these muscles lose their ability to function properly. We also have muscles that we over use, under use which also contribute to this lack of space in our soft tissues.  

In body rolling we elongate the muscle. We stimulate tendons, we free up joints. Working with the ball reveals how tightness in certain muscles restricts movements in the joints. As they release, the joint loosens up.  The other work that body rolling does is decongest and unstick connective tissue and stimulates bone. You let go and release.

YBR has so many positive benefits; flexibility, relaxation, reduces anxiety, improving posture, pain reduction, injury avoidance and more. It’s my mission to help people feel great by using Yamuna Body Rolling!

Come and Get on the Ball with me! Your Body will thank you for it!